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At Baack2, we believe in the science of healing and the art of caring. We don’t just provide care, we do care. Our mission is to nourish and preserve your back health and promote your ability to move with dignity and grace. 

With over 30 years of experience in treating patients with back pain, we are here to ‘back-track’ and enhance your life within the comforts of your home. Experience the benefits of being a part of the Baack2 family as we heal you, the natural way so you can get your extraordinary life back, regardless of age, gender, income, location. We are here to help you and inspire you in that quest each and every day. Join us & start moving, freely! 

Meet Dr. Ed Barry

Dr. Barry is a Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist and creator of Liift™, a unique device for home care of lower back disorders.

Dr. Ed Barry is a Chiropractic Orthopedist and certified Laser Therapy expert who built and led two successful private practices focused on treating low back pain. Dr. Barry is the original founder of Baack2, the inventor of Liift™ suite of products, and serves as the Chief Product Officer. He was awarded a patent in Dec. 2021.

Presenting the Concept of Liift™

Many years ago, while Dr. Barry was exercising in the gym, he was drawn to a curious apparatus that was specifically designed for toning the abdominal muscles.  What made this piece of equipment so interesting was in the design and movement – a bench was fitted with a pivot bearing in the mid-point of the table so the user could alter the plane of movement in the abdomen as you contracted upward, creating resistance to both the anterior and oblique muscles in the abdomen. 

That got him thinking about the possibility of creating a device that could combine the two movements of flexion and traction for the lower back. And that’s when the seed for Liift™ was planted, and with those years of development, refinement, and engineering, Dr. Barry is now proud to introduce Liift to patients all over the world. 

Watch as Dr. Barry explains

“Treating Lower Back Pain in the Comfort
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Why Liift™ Works

Learn more about the innovative Liift device and how it works to provide long-lasting relief from chronic lower back pain.

Introducing Our Founders

These are the faces behind Baack2 and the team that is working hard to launch Liift to the market. Our humble goal is to help many more people finally find relief from painful, long-term back problems.

Dr. Ed Barry

DC, FACO, Co-Founder

Dr. Barry is a leader in the field of chiropractic care, a certified laser practitioner, and has decades of experience treating lower back conditions and disc problems. He is a graduate of the National University of Health Sciences and is dedicated to helping others overcome pain and return to the activities they love.
He is a frequent speaker on low back pain causes and remedies. Dr. Barry is also a commercial pilot and a member of the “Pilot and Paws” team dedicated to the rescue of abused animals and their placement in new homes.

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June Barry

Co-Founder & Executive Director

June is the co-founder and managing director of Baack2. Her career includes years of experience as a human resources leader for enterprise organizations. Her career includes being a C-Level Executive and CHRO for three different Fortune 500 companies.
She has also served as a board member and advisor/mentor to Fortune 100 executives and boards. June has specialized expertise in staffing and serving on compensation committees, has filled leadership roles for three successful start ups and currently serves as the co-founder and executive director of Baack2. June is also a frequent speaker, author and advisor on leadership, talent acquisition, and business culture.

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Introducing Our Advisory Board

back device board member

Michelle Brennan

Respected healthcare executive and board member with three decades of broad operational experience at Johnson & Johnson, accelerating market growth across diverse business models and geographies. Her experience includes five years on J&J’s Medical Device Executive Leadership Team.

dr dorshimer

Gary Dorshimer


Dr. Dorshimer a physician and the section Chief General of Internal Medicine for the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

Dennis Barnes

Specialties Include: Venture Investing and M&A Direct & Digital Marketing Data & Analytics leveraging NLP, ML and AI.

Consumer Engagement Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Rob Lozuk

Over 20 years experience as a commercial executive in the healthcare and wellness industry.

President of Specific Diagnostics; Executive at PowerDot (sold to Therabody); SVP of Commercial and Operations at Sequenom (sold to LabCorp); Sales, Marketing, and Business Development executive at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Agilent.

Kelly Huang, PhD

Over 25 years of commercial executive and operational experience in healthcare and wellness.

Board of Director of multisite Sanova Dermatology; CEO and Board of Director of Obalon Therapeutics; COO L-Nutra; GM of Galderma Aesthetics; President of HealthTronics; 16 years with Johnson & Johnson.


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