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Dr. Ed Barry is a Chiropractic Orthopedist and certified Laser Therapy expert who built and led two successful private practices focused on treating low back pain. Dr. Barry is the original founder of Baack2, the inventor of Liift™ suite of products, and serves as the Chief Product Officer. He was awarded a patent in Dec. 2021.

Why Invest in Liift™?

Back pain is one of the three most common health conditions in the U.S. It has a market value of approximately $134 billion—money that is largely spent on treatment. Back pain is also the top reason doctors prescribe opioids, which we now know are highly addictive. All the while, there is currently no market leader; there is no cure for lower back pain. This is the valuable gap that Liift™ can fill.

At Baack2™, we believe strongly that life should be lived in motion and individuals should be able to enjoy all aspects of their life with dignity. Every day should be an adventure and, to accomplish this, every step counts. We are committed to helping people move in all aspects of their lives: work, life, and play! 

Investors should consider a partnership with Baack2 because it’s an opportunity to support wellness by helping people overcome pain and get back to the activities they love. 

Liift back device
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What’s Included?

The Liift™ product suite contains four product versions in total.

  1. Therapeutic: consumer Liift™ device
  2. Portable: consumer version of the Liift™ device for travel and in-home easy storage
  3. Automated: consumer Liift™ device with built-in enhancements
  4. Professional: Liift™ device with laser-guided add-on for use in a clinical setting.

“There’s no other piece of equipment like it!”

LIFT back equipment testimonial - Karen
“Following my car accident I was in tremendous pain for years…Using Liift significantly helped my situation; I felt relieved quickly and don’t have to invest a lot of time”
– Karen
lift back equipment users- Ben
“I’ve tried acupuncture, massage, an inversion table, I didn’t want to take pain medicine…Liift feels good; it’s given me what surgery couldn’t. Now, with daily use, I feel more mobile and invigorated. The day is easier “
– Ben, Martial Arts Business Owner
lift back device user - jim
“Liift is small, but it’s also really steady. This is the most comfortable pieces of equipment I’ve been on for lower back pain. I don’t like being upside-down, with this I can relax, relieve the pressure, and stretch out my whole back.”
– Jim, Salesman

How is Liift™ Different?

Current devices capable of delivering this type of therapeutic benefit are only accessible in doctors’ offices and physical therapy clinics; the equipment is large, expensive, and requires patient monitoring. 

Liift™ is a Safe, Simple At-Home Device

  • Made for at-home use.
  • Inexpensive for the end buyer.
  • Based on more than 50 years of research and clinical experience.

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