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A staggering 31 million people in America experience lower back pain. At Baack2, our mission is to upgrade your health and lifestyle and help you achieve your goals at minimal cost, within the comforts of your home. Let us show you how.

The secret mantra behind a successful and a happy life is a healthy lifestyle. Long-term goals can only be achieved if we are determined to change our short-term habits. Your back pain could be caused by an accident, an ailing health issue, or simply, years of neglect. Let’s take a look at all the bad habits you need to eliminate, to find a life filled with action and movement.

Bad Habits that Contribute to Back Problems

Caffeine Consumption

When consumed in small portions, it might be your best friend but caffeine can tense the body muscles and irritate your sciatic nerve, leading to insomnia, back pain and stiffness.

Choosing the Wrong Bike

Biking is a good exercise but choosing a bike that is not a good fit for your body can lead to back pain. Sitting in a cramped seat or hunching over the handlebars for long durations can lead to serious back pain. It is important to sit tall while pedaling and choose the correct bike for your body.

Incorrect Exercising

Trying to perform yoga asanas while watching videos on the television is the worst thing you can do to your body. Especially for people with back pain, an incorrect yoga pose can lead to straining or spraining of the back tissues. Get advice and help from a professional Yoga instructor before performing yoga poses.

All Work and No Play

Prolonged sitting in one place with zero exercise will eventually lead to poor posture and increased lower back pain. Pick up one cardiovascular activity of your choice, be it swimming, walking, or biking, to improve flexibility and increase blood flow.

Nicotine Consumption

Be it the fashionable e-cigarettes that are selling like hot cakes or the old-fashioned cigarettes that people have been consuming for decades, all tobacco products are hazardous to health. Nicotine, a naturally occurring chemical in the tobacco plant, is highly addictive, not to forget poisonous too. Inhaling nicotine can restrict the flow of blood to the disks that cushion the vertebrae and increase the rate of degeneration. This in turn can lead to backache. Quit smoking.

Making Alcohol Your Best Friend

Alcohol consumption acts as a muscle relaxant when consumed in small portions occasionally. However, increased consumption of alcohol can cause spasms, leading to backache. Alcohol further dehydrates the kidneys, leading to chronic backache. Cut down on alcohol to cut down on your backpain.

Nutrient Deficiency

Vitamin and calcium are essential for building your bone strength. While sun exposure (vitamin D) is a must for your body, eating right and including lots of dairy products in your diet is crucial for strengthening your bones. If you fail to do so, it is best to consult your doctor for supplements.


Pain in your lower back can get aggravated by obesity. The excess weight on your tummy pulls the pelvis forward, straining the lower back. Consuming a balanced diet, routine exercising and keeping a close watch on your weighing machine can all help you avoid symptoms of lower back ache.

Bad habits are hard to break. It takes tremendous willpower and conscious effort to get a life you desire for yourself and your loved ones. Choose wisely, act smart and see the results as they grow, day by day!

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