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Liift kicks back pain to the curb through progressive, steadily attained relief. This physician-engineered equipment has been tried, tested and evolved over the past two decades.

Easy for Anyone Use

Liift reverse-engineers specific movements and exercises targeting lower back pain. This gentle, low-impact, assisted movement reduces pressure and creates space between the discs and support facet joints along the spinal column. Regular use provides the kind of relief that is unmatched by other products and without the discomfort of hanging upside down. 

Developed by a Chiropractic Doctor

Over 35 years of Dr. Barry’s chiropractic experience treating patients with back pain has gone into developing Liift. In fact, Liift was originally conceived as a way to supplement Dr. Barry’s treatments between sessions, and for patients that lived too far away to schedule regular appointments. Dr. Barry started with the movements and therapy that brought his patients the most relief in his office and then reverse engineered Liift to bring that same relief to people in the comfort of their own homes.

But then Dr. Barry brought in a team of engineers to refine Liift’s design, shrink its footprint, and make it lighter and even easier to use. They incorporated an over-center linkage into Liift’s design, creating a mechanical advantage and generating a force multiplier as a central feature. What all that engineering terminology means is that you get maximum results with minimal effort and absolutely no stress on your body.

Revolutionary in its Power to Restore Movement

When you suffer from lower back pain or sciatica and add up just how many things you’ve had to compromise, adjust, or worse yet, give up…that’s when people really appreciate good health and pain-free movement.

This is why Dr. Ed Barry, a board-certified chiropractic orthopedist and certified laser pain management physician, formed BAACK2 and developed the product Liift – to get you back to all those things in life that you used to do before pain entered your world. The goal is to get you back to work, back to traveling, exploring, playing and doing all the things that you love together with the people who you love. Let’s get you back to fully living life, and experiencing all the amazing things it has to offer. 

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