Why Lift?

  1. The most common cause of lower back pain of mechanical origin with or without referred pain is an acute disc protrusion (stretching of the peripheral disc fibers).1
  2. Flexion- Distraction comparison with active exercise (Physical Therapy) for lower back pain. Flexion -Distraction Protocols proved more effective at relieving pain, especially in long term follow-up. (2 years)2
  3. The primary pathway for nutritional supply to IVD (disc) cells is through the passive diffusion from the richly vascularized vertebral body marrow through the cartilage endplate.3

Lift reproduces the Flexion-Distraction protocol for the convenience of the clinician to employ as unattended enhancement of his regular treatment as well as increased revenue by way of scaled traction therapy, and also for the patient to reinforce his therapy at home and provide long term relief.

How it Works

Therapeutic motion to simultaneously open and lift disc apart to allow increased supply of oxygenated blood flow. This reduces pressure on the nerves and increased flexibility of disc.

Good for doctors
Provides increased use of non-attended therapy. Provides an additional source of income $$.
Good for patients
facilitates healing faster and more effectively.

We educate back pain sufferers who then purchase for use at home with platform support.


Open disc space, supporting joints along the spinal column.


Separate and reduce pressure on nerves.


Influx of oxygenated blood helps disc tissue strength, flexibility, and repair.

Traction & Accomplishments


  • Patented prototype for base device with suite of additional products on deck.
  • Case study completed at major university pending publication.
  • Successful test of device with patients and 52 focused group participants by outside firm.
  • Device based on 50+ years of successful use of flexion and distraction protocols. Developed strong engineering and manufacturing relationships with several options.


  • Clinical reimbursement by insurance carriers.
  • Due to compact size able to fit 2 -3 units in doctors and physical therapists treatment rooms/clinics.
  • Increase billing options and treatment capability. There is no cure for LBP. This device represents enhanced care and therefore helps to speed return to work and life.

CODE 97012

Break even:
100 pts.

10 pts./day:
10 days

5 pts./day:
20 days


Dr. Edwin F. Barry

Dr. Barry is a leader in the field of chiropractic care, a certified laser practitioner, and has decades of experience treating lower back conditions and disc problems. He is a graduate of the National University of Health Sciences and is dedicated to helping others overcome pain and return to the activities they love.

He is a frequent speaker on low back pain causes and remedies. Dr. Barry is also a commercial pilot and a member of the “Pilot and Paws” team dedicated to the rescue of abused animals and their placement in new homes.

June Barry

June is the co-founder and managing director of Baack2. Her career includes years of experience as a human resources leader for enterprise organizations. Her career includes being a C-Level Executive and CHRO for three different Fortune 500 companies.

She has also served as a board member and advisor/mentor to Fortune 100 executives and boards. June has specialized expertise in staffing and serving on compensation committees, has filled leadership roles for three successful start ups and currently serves as the co-founder and executive director of Baack2. June is also a frequent speaker, author and advisor on leadership, talent acquisition, and business culture.

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1    Porter, R. Pathway of Spinal Disorders, Essentials of the Spine, NY, Raven Press 1995; 29-54
2    European Spine J. 2006 Jul.; 15(7): 1070-82
3    Vascularization of the IVD,  Fournier, Kaiser, etc.  9/15/20

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