577 million people currently suffer from back pain…

Most of the problems experienced by folks who suffer from lower back pain arise from a slow degradation of the main supporting joint of the spine, the disc. In our spine, discs work as spacers for nerves and the supporting joints behind the disc that provide for “planar” movement of the lower back, the facet joints. When we are younger, as the spine is developing, the disc has a natural healthy hydrostatic integrity. Because it has a good supply of oxygenated blood from the nutrient blood vessels, the disc tissue is able to maintain its strength and flexibility for normal movement, as well as repair itself after stress or injury.

But now there is a way to get long-lasting relief

When you pull Liift’s handles down toward your chest, two dynamic forces are put into play – flexion and traction. First, the hips and pelvis are lifted from the surface allowing for an interval suspension of gravitational forces on the spine, creating separation and reducing the volumetric pressure within the disc. This lets bulged, protruded, or herniated discs retract from applying pressure to the nerve elements directly behind the disc.

Secondarily, as the hips and pelvis are lifted, the lumbar spine is being gently flexed, creating more space for impinged nerve roots and gently separating the “facet” joints behind the disc, which are the second major cause of lower back pain.

Thirdly, by repeating the motion, the alternating separation and contraction of the vertebrae enable oxygenated blood and nutrients to move from the vertebral endplates into the damaged outer tissue of the disc through “reverse osmosis.”

Using active movement and low-Impact exercises

Over time, exercising with Liift restores the hydrostatic nature of the disc, as well as its healing capacity. This is a big part of what makes Liift different from other products that only release pressure. With the gentle, low-impact active movement, Liift actually promotes accelerated healing of the disc tissue.

This combination of flexion and traction is what makes using Liift so different and so impactful. And what gets you back to work, back to play, and back to life.

In a relaxing position, from the comfort of your own home

What makes Liift different from other products on the market is that it utilizes low-impact active movement to treat the causes of lower back pain. Like inversion tables and other hanging devices, Liift elongates the spine and takes pressure off of muscles and nerves to decompress the spinal column, also called lumbar traction.

This piece of equipment is also unique because when you use Liift, you lie flat on your back. So, while your spine is decompressing, the rest of your back is, well, resting. Peacefully. You aren’t hanging upside down with all the blood rushing to your head. You don’t need someone else to help you on and off of LIFT. You can watch TV or relax while using it. LIFT works – no matter your age, body shape or size, or any other health issues that you might have.

after using the device back feels good

Alleviating pain and allowing you to get back to living life.

Then, Liift goes beyond what other products deliver. With the repeated motion of gently raising and lowering your hips, Liift flexes the spine while simultaneously separating the vertebrae, alleviating pressure on the nerves, and drawing oxygenated blood and vital nutrients into damaged disc tissue through osmosis.

“Now I can go on with my daily activities.”

Hear what people have to say about living life with herniated disks, back injuries, and chronic pain before and after using Liift™.

Erin nurse and LIFT back device user

“I’ve tried cortisone injections, physical therapy, and massage, but my herniated disk pain would come right back…For me, Liift is the only alternative to surgery and pain meds that takes the tension away.”

– Erin, Registered Nurse
Mary lift back device for relief
“Back pain doesn’t always strike between 9 and 5 when doctors are in the office. I don’t always have time to run out or make an appointment. But it’s easy to take a couple minutes out of my day to use Liift and get relief right away.”
– Mary, Office Receptionist
lift back device user - jim
Liift is small, but it’s also really steady. This is the most comfortable pieces of equipment I’ve been on for lower back pain. I don’t like being upside-down, with this I can relax, relieve the pressure, and stretch out my whole back.”
– Jim, Salesman

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